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 Welcome! 2021

Review: "Mary lee Gutwein is a

competent author

and writes with purpose. "

 "For I know the plans

      I have for you,”

            declares the Lord.

       Wow! He knows us.


 Hobbies are fun!   Your talents get better every time you do them. Keep it up!  Keep it up!

Destiny will find you! 

A chatty paintbrush is sent on a mission from God to find Meredith and encourage 

her talents for the future". 

The Cherry Tree Stories are my favorite kind to write and illustrate.

Christian Fiction for Kids

   A Fun story is connected with God's Word in a Bible verse, as in a life lesson.  They are picture storybooks for kids of any age.


....Mary Lee  




Cool Books!


What? Is Dad talking with Angels ?! 

Dad said, "Girls, I read it in the Bible, in Jesus own Words."

Read a fun story with a Bible story too. 

Manners are important. Be honest and reliable with your promises.  Learn about Jesus and his

plans to return to earth one day! When you pray you are talking to Jesus. 

"Highly Recommended"

by Literary Scouts and Publishers

Promises Made and Promises Kept 

Invite 2nd Helpings 72.jpeg

Did you ever make a promise that you could not keep?  Well, the kids had to keep this one! What a day that was!

"Our company is Coming! And they are coming at NOON!

Are we ready? Is everybody Ready?"  Ding Dong!

This book is a 2nd edition with More Illustrations of a  fun story with a tasty life lesson and a Bible Promise of an Invitation to the amazing Supper in Heaven one fine day.

Revelations 19: 6-9

They win the trophy and Jake invites the

whole team home for lunch! The girls are surprised but Grandpa just keeps on  grilling the hot dogs.

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