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one another

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God gives us passions and talents for hobbies or work. Destiny is what

we do with them.

A paintbrush is sent on a "Find & Encourage Mission" for Meredith.

$15 each  Tax  in FL & IN  + Ship

"Is Dad texting Angels?!".

I don't think so.

The Angels will have a message for us one day. But not in a Text. It will be from up in the Clouds!

  How do they know? The Bible tells them so.

   Three sisters are so glad Dad got home just as they were having a party outside under the big tree on that warm sunny day.

Their Palace is a Big Blue Tent with a Special Flag waving in the breeze. Get in on their fun with this good read.


by Literary Scouts and Publishers

 Company is Coming!

    Are We Ready?!

   Promises Made  AND  Promises Kept

     We keep Promises and so does


       There is a special invitation

          written in the Holy Bible!

       Read their story and have a 

                     fun lunch.


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