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Mary Lee Gutwein

I like to draw, she said. And so she does.
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 Artist, Author & Illustrator


Art has always been a hobby and my constant doodling is how I finally arrived here! It is called taking "the long way", education wise.  


Style:  It's Cartoon

 Caricature & Character


Media: I use pen & ink, watercolors & acrylic paints. Paper or canvas

and digital is used.


Goodness and humor make memorable stories for kids. Learning the difference between right or wrong, true or false is vital.  Giving our children a value-rich upbringing that includes examples of faithful parents and mentors will give a great start to the adult they are meant to become.

Time is short, start now.






















The Cherry Tree Stories are my favorite kind to write and illustrate.

Christian Fiction for Kids

   A Fun story is connected with God's Word in a Bible verse, as in a life lesson.  They are picture story books for kids of any age. 




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