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Mary Lee Gutwein's Bio


Art from the Heart...

 Mary Lee discovered her style is a "Character in Caricature". Everyone has a personal style and this one kept emerging from the Lord, she knew, in paint and on paper. 

Self-taught, driven and enjoys creating a story that encourages in words and illustrations.  

Mary and her handsome husband live in Naples FL and celebrate the summer with their families at the Lake in Indiana.

Hello and Thanks Inspired


Voice mail: 



Naples FL 34102

Monticello IN 47960

 Artist, Author & Illustrator


Style:  It's Cartoon

 Caricature & Character


Goodness and humor make memorable stories for kids. Learning the differences between right or wrong, true or false is vital.  Giving our children a value-rich upbringing that includes examples of faithful parents and mentors giving a great start to the adult they are meant to become.

Time is short, start now.


















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