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Christian Fiction Stories for Kids

$15 ea. tax in FL & IN/   Ship added

"Whoop!! The next thing a huge Pelican plucked me up out of the ocean and flew around and around then dropped me

on shore by an orange tree.  Ten seconds later the ground was shaking, and I heard a thump thumping gallop! A giant wet slobbering dog with great big teeth picked me up and galloped back to its owner.  Do I look like a Beach Ball to you?!"


   God cares for us by giving us certain qualities that will make life fun. Those are special talents for us to discover, learn and use in the future.  

   What will you be really good at? 

Sports, playing music, maybe painting. You might be surprised at what God has planned for you.

Life gets sweeter, like cookies, 

when we follow God's plan for us.

Highly Recommended

by Literary Scouts!

Wow, The Cherry Tree stories are Cool!

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